No-Slip Smooth Grips

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50 Smooth No-Slip Grips for Alligator Clips

YOU ARE PURCHASING THE GRIPS ONLY...the clip pictured is for demonstration purposes and NOT included.

Create a more professional looking hair bow or clippie by applying these smooth non-slip grips on the alligator clips.

These are peel and stick so no need to mess with hot glue gun.

If you don't like the "bumpy" look of shelf grip liners, try these grips which are smooth and discreet.

If you find the silicone too messy to work with and takes time, these grips are for you. Just peel and stick.  

Best of all, they work instantly and look professional.  

You can apply it on top or on the bottom of a 1 3/4" alligator clip and can be easily cut to fit a snap clip.